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Rick Moody’s Novel Experiment with Microserialization

Electric Literature will begin a new venture in microserialization by ‘tweeting’ Rick Moody’s new story, Some Contemporary Characters, from November 30th to December 2nd.  Mr. Moody wrote the story expressly for Twitter.     As Andy Hunter, Editor in Cheif of Electric … Continue reading

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Murder She Twote – Here Come the Twitter Novels

As social media, like Facebook and Twitter, become more embedded into our lives, it seems only natural that writers would begin exploring how to use them as a new literary medium.  At first glance, it doesn’t seem feasible or sensible to consider … Continue reading

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How Authors are Hacking the Twitter Spew

The term Spew refers to the torrent of information spilling out over the Web.  It was an image first conjured up by author Neal Stephen.  Today the term could serve equally well as a description for the tsunami of tweets pouring forth … Continue reading

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Book Tweets

Ever since the social networking service Twitterlaunched it has been a magnet for speculation about what it is and what it means.  Twitter has been called a form of micro blogging because, like haiku, it constrains the length of each … Continue reading

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