Blogging Resources

This section of the Resources area covers all things blogging.  We provide a list of useful books, links to blogging services and platforms, as well as the URLs of tools you can use to measure your blog’s traffic and other analytics.


Below are some useful books on blogging.

Blog Platforms

Below are lists of popular hosted blogging services and standalone blogging platforms.  A hosted blogging service does all the set up for you, provides you with blog templates and can have you up and blogging in minutes.  Standalone blogging platforms require some technical knowledge, but give you a high degree of flexibility in your blog’s design and capabilities.

TypePad b2Evolution
WordPress Text Pattern
LiveJournal Serendipity
MySpace Blossom
Blogger Nucleus
Expression Engine

Website Builder Platforms

Website Builder Guide


Below is a list of online services you can use to help you track the traffic on your blog.

Keyword Research

Below is a list of keyword discovery tools you can use to help optimize and generate traffic to your blog.

The most popular paid keyword research services include:

If you are blogging on a tight budget, there are a number of free keyword research tools that you can use, including:

Independent Publishing Resources

Companies that Provide Self Publishing Services

Marketing Resources

Podcasting Resources

Podcasts featuring Book Reviews

  • New York Times Book Review Podcast archives – Every week, Book Review Editor Sam Tanenhaus talks to authors, editors, critics and senior editor and best-seller columnist Dwight Garner about new books.
  • Odfeed – This is a directory of podcasts which features a category for books.
  • iTunes – Download the iTunes player, then click the Podcasts button.  In the search box enter “book review podcast” and you will get a list of over 100 podcasts devoted to author interviews and book reviews.

Podcast Directories

  • Podcast Directory is the largest user-built directory of podcasts.
  • Podcast Alley, one of the most popular podcasting sites, has a large podcast directory.
  • – directory and podcast service
  • – is an established, very large podcast directory.
  • PodcastPickle – the only podcast directory with a pickle mascot!  The site features a content rating system based on the familiar movie system, G, PG, R, etc.
  • Digital Podcast
  • – from Penguin Radio
  • iPodderX
  • iTunes – Apple’s proprietary (non-web) directory drives a huge amount of traffic to many podcasts
  • Yahoo – has a podcast search and tag-based index

Book Trailer Resources

Companies that Specialize in Producing Book Trailers

Vitrual Book Tour Resources

Companies that Conduct Virtual Book Tours

Related Books

Tools for a Successful Blog Tour

Plan a Powerful Blog Tour – article by Steve Weber, The PMA Independent, April 2007

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