Tumblr – Stream of Conciousness Blogging

tumblerThe web is becoming the prominent research domain for authors.  Information abounds, but authors need effective ways to organize and share their information.  Unfortunately many of the available tools come with an inconvenient learning curve.   

Gina Trapani of Lifehacker highlights a new tool, called Tumblr, which provides the ability to aggregate information from around the web,  into one place, called a tumbelog.  The types of data that can be posted includes:

  • Links
  • Regular posts 
  • Quotes
  • Photss
  • Videos
  • Conversations – e.g. IM sessions
  • Multiple RSS streams

You can also capture posts from your mobile device.  Tumblr provides all the formatting and automatically senses what type of entity you are looking at, making it easy to post and go.  As Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion points out, Tumblr is more like a scrapbook than a blog.  The simplicity of Tumblr may make this an ideal tool for authors doing research. 

The next version of Tumblr is being readied and will includ:

  • An improved and snappier dashboard screen
  • Ability to track firends
  • Reblogging which allows you to share content from other tumblelogs and edit the commentary

haiku.jpgBasic Tumblr functionality is free, though in the future they have indicated the site may include some premium paid features.  Tumblr could serve as a shareable research repository with a more engaging format for authors thinking blog to book.  Tumblr’s simplicity imposes some limits on creativity; but therein lies the challenge and the fun.  Think haiku or (better) pecha kucha for blogs . . .

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