The New Author Book Pitch

Baseball is one of the most analyzed games around.  Alan Schwrz’ bestseller, The Numbers Game:  Baseball’s Lifelong Fascination with Statistics chronicles the evolution of the game’s analytics and the public’s semi obsession with them.  And, in Moneyball and Baseball Between the Numbers, readers learn there is a new interpretation of the decades old statistics led by Bill James.  As a young boy, I was fascinated with baseball cards.  The baseball card was the perfect, portable summary of a ball player’s career, spelled out in neat rows of numbers.

As the publishing industry moves toward a more analytical driven model and authors take up the very measurable tool of blogging as a path to publishing, one could imagine a new book pitch that goes something like this:

  • A brief summary of the blog (er, book) concept
  • A picture of the author with one or two sentence bio
  • Blog traffic and behavior numbers
  • Blog demographics
  • Ad revenues generated to provide a feel of how the book might translate into other media

Ernest Hemmingway pitch cardAnd if the font were small enough, it might even all fit onto something the size of a baseball card.  Imagine if blogs had been available in Ernest Hemmingway’s day.  Surely he would have blogged and had a pitch card (click image at left to see detail).  Who knows – those shining stars who make the bestseller list, or even the iron men and women who create reliable back list sellers, may one day find their pitch cards are worth real money on eBay. 

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