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In-Transit Viewing of Book Trailers – A Potent New Book Marketing Venue

Book Vid Lit by Sheila Clover-English Sheila Clover English, the CEO of Circle of Seven Productions, is a pioneer in book video production, marketing and distribution for authors and publishers. Can out-of-home markets be the secret to stimulating books sales?  … Continue reading

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The Sticky Goodness of Testing Book Titles with Google AdWords

Tim Ferris wrote his highly popular book, “The 4 Hour Workweek, about how to become one of the NR (the New Rich), back in 2006.  But rather than relying on his or his publisher’s intuition about a catchy book title, … Continue reading

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Could the Children’s Book Market Sink like a Lead Balloon?

The tough economy looks like bad news for the children’s book market – for example children’s publisher Scholastic and bookseller Children’s Placehave reported declining sales and earnings.  But now publishers and booksellers are learning that with the passage of the Consumer … Continue reading

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Is XML the New Center of the Publishing Universe?

Many publishers are debate about the benefits of a switchover to using XML (eXtensible Markup Language) as the native source for book content to ease publishing in multiple formats and context.  Proponents argue that while there are challenges to switching to an … Continue reading

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