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The e-book’s Endless Summer

Has the day of the e-book finally arrived.  There are signs that the answer is a definitive yes.  Though what the long term impact o the e-book will be is still not certain.   The good news has come from several … Continue reading

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The Global Author 50

In an age focused on all things global – it’s instructie to see who are the most global authors in terms of their work being translated into other languages.  UNESCO’s 2008 index of translations, published annually and called the Index … Continue reading

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Can’t All Books Be Above Average?

If we lived in the Prairie Home Companion’s village of Lake Wobegon, all of our book titles would have above average sales.  Want to know whether your book’s sales are above average?  The staff at the Southern Review of Books (SRB) have … Continue reading

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Petabytes vs. Puny Books

The July 2008 issue of Wired has a thought provoking article by Chris Anderson entitled The Petabyte Age.  A petabyteis an unimaginably large amount of data – 1,000 terabytes or a quadrillion bytes.  The article catalogs a number of important applications … Continue reading

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