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HarperCollins’ New Business Model – Same Old Wine, New Bottle?

Recently, HarperCollins announced the establishment of a new imprint that is structuring its business model in an effort to lower two key areas of risk.  According to the New York Times, the new imprint, headed by Robert Miller, will not offer … Continue reading

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Initial Attention Abandonment – The 10% Rule of Internet Video

Book Vid Lit by Sheila Clover-English Sheila Clover English, the CEO of Circle of Seven Productions, has been a pioneer in book video production, marketing and distribution for authors and publishers. Nielsen ratings systems did away with using view counts … Continue reading

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We Like to Watch – Who’s Monitoring Your Reads?

Could our books be spying on us?  While this might sound like the ravings of a paranoid delusional, marketers, supplied by willing service vendors, and armed with plenty of computing power, are able to extract a fair amount of information about our … Continue reading

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