Cool Kids Read – Recruiting Young Readers with Book Trailers

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by Sheila Clover-English

Sheila Clover English, the CEO of Circle of Seven Productions, has been a pioneer
in book video production, marketing and distribution for authors and publishers.

According to the Pew/Internet Project findings, 3 of 4 young adults (73%) on the internet watch or download video.  Half of young internet users say they watch YouTube.  Many post videos to blogs and even more will forward on a link in email. They’re online socializing, researching (school and education), playing games or getting news.Publishers know that teens are online and most have outstanding website offerings that are fun, interesting and interactive.  A great outreach to young people was a Blogfest that Simon & Schuster did and of course other publishers have similar offerings for young people of varied ages.

young filmmakerLately, schools and libraries have looked to engage younger readers as well by using book trailers. Sara Kajder wrote in the Educational Leadership magazine for ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) an article entitled “The Book Trailer: Engaging Teens Through Technology.”  This article is amazing and outlines how using book trailers help students who are struggling readers and helps them to be more engaged in the stories they are reading.  The points the author brings up, viewed strictly from an educator’s perspective, was very enlightening.

Libraries are getting into it too!  The Tucson-Pima Library is just one of many that we discovered using book trailers.  You can see how involved they are and the wonderful outreach they extend to young people on their book trailer site.

Young ReaderBook trailers are more than just promotional tools for a book.  They have a greater outreach and greater potential to show young people that books are exciting.  The publishing industry as a whole have this incredible opportunity to build tomorrow’s readership.  Publishers should reach out to high schools and libraries and sponsor book trailer contests.  This can build the confidence level of students who are struggling.  It can create an atmosphere of acceptance where books are not just for book worms anymore.  Cool kids read and make book trailers!  Cool kids read.  Pass it on.

Reaching out to young people through a digital medium in order to encourage reading isn’t a new idea.  But, it is an ever-expanding idea with more and more opportunities to engage young people and create new readers using new media.

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