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Books Get Game and Other Media Mashups

Video games can now cost $20 million and up to produce.  Such high production costs raise the risk for bringing new games to market and have spawned a search for ways to extend a game’s IP via cross marketing in other … Continue reading

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The Growing Influence of Non-traditional Book Sales Channels

The bookstore chains are still a dominant force in book retail.  According to Para Publishing, in 2007, big chain retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Borders accounted for 33% of unit book purchases.  However, their dominance is steadily eroding.  … Continue reading

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Viral Book Video and Online Book Ads

Book Vid Lit by Sheila Clover-English Sheila Clover English, the CEO of Circle of Seven Productions, has been a pioneer in book video production, marketing and distribution for authors and publishers. There are two ways to get video promotion for … Continue reading

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Why Every Author Should Blog

First consider the size and structure of the blogosphere.  The popularity of blogs has soared in the last few years.  There are now over 100 million blogs tracked by Technorati, which doesn’t even include the more than 70 million Chinese … Continue reading

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