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Metered Reads for Time Challenged Bibliophiles

Serialized books are a good way to beat the time crunch.  We are all slaves to e-mail, so why not get our books that way too – a little bit at a time?  DailyLit, a small company in Mamaroneck, New … Continue reading

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Now Appearing in Your Mailbox: Are Rentals the Next Big Book Channel?

The book industry supports many book channels.  The largest traditional venues for books are: Bookstores Libraries Catalogs Book clubs Non-bookstore merchandisers Now you can add another to the list – rental books.  Lifehacker reported on a new service called BookSwim.  The … Continue reading

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Book Tweets

Ever since the social networking service Twitterlaunched it has been a magnet for speculation about what it is and what it means.  Twitter has been called a form of micro blogging because, like haiku, it constrains the length of each … Continue reading

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Finding Book Gold in Blog Post Archives

If you are an author who blogs then you have the opportunity to incorporate content from your blog into a book.   We have chronicled a number of successful blog to book (“blook”) storieson Future Perfect Publishing.  But once you have accumulated numerous posts … Continue reading

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Blooks – Between Angst and Opportunity

Blooks are certainly coming of age (after only a few years).  We have a growing body of blooks and a few celebrity blook authors.  If you have any doubts, check out Cheryl Hagedorn’s comprehensive site, Blooking Central which analyzes published blooks to … Continue reading

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Espresso Book Profits

The most popular post on this blog is the interview with Dane Neller, CEO of On Demand Books.  This is the company that manufactures and sells the Espresso Book Machine (EBM).  The EBM basically prints and binds books at the point … Continue reading

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Making Sense of the Big Miscellaneous

In a long tail world of online bookselling, tagging represents the new classification system.   Library and bookstore classifications systems have struggled to keep up with the changes in society, technology and consumer tastes.  This has become more apparent as individuals increasingly search and buy … Continue reading

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The Case for the Inverted Blook

Many of the posts on this blog have discussed new authors going from blog to book.  It makes eminent sense.  A blog is a great way for authors to showcase their work, build an audience, measure their impact and market the finished … Continue reading

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Lemonade, Listmania and Social Network Lucre

If Time magazine did such things, surely its 2007 “person” of the year would be a widget. Lemonade is just one of the latest services offering sales tools for your Facebook or MySpace pages.  Its Lemonade “stand” – a product sales … Continue reading

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The Book Marketing Potential of Social Networks

Social networks continue to evolve commercial capabilities.  Facebook has been the leader and has received much favorable press about their efforts to open up their software to developers who want to tap the creative and commercial capabilities of the service.  Recently, Beth … Continue reading

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